Dual relations dilemma

Hey my wonder people what’s up 😁 Yep I know it’s too late and I sincerely apologise too for it but exams coaching married life and all hectic schedule wasn’t giving me space to write in peace . So now finally here I am and let’s start with today’s blog 😁 . So all the […]

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Freedom : A myth

Calming my soul down, i sat to write, write something again bitter, about some crying night. pissed off by anxiety and barred by frustration longing to pour out the mixed **** emotion. Please save me my better half, am dying, oops!!! sorry i forgot you only made me lying. Lying like a dead soul, and […]

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Lighting Lives

some burnt candles, some burnt earthers lamps, some burnt their pockets, seeking one’s well being travelling in tramps. To light the lamp of their own, all aspired, worked till they retire. But somewhere on this small blue ball someone burnt her identity and planted a tree of hopes surely tall. Burning her own dreams hiding […]

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The unwanted knot

leaving her home behind, beholding high the groom’s height, little girl walks away slowly, her tears unnoticed going rolly polly. Her heart was melting and mind was shoutiing No Stop ! Stop you foolish girl among the strangers how can you be the one. Draped in heavy red saree, decorated with jewelleries, outshining her rage […]

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What where and who ???

What for I am living…. What for I am receiving so much pain Who is there to have my back in the rain Rain of troubles in Reign of some outer force Why I am surviving When will be there a new morning A morning full of positive rays Making some heap of happiness out […]

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Marriage syndrome

Hey peeps ! What’s up my wonderful people 😊 hope you all are doing well. So today am going to talk about the very common “marriage syndrome” β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰πŸ˜† . Marriage is a very beautiful institution where 2 bodies leaving there first form of pronoun like I Me and Myself start believing and practicing an adorable […]

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